Block Paving Cleaning

To clean Block Paving we use our specialised Twin Turbo Nozzle. This is great at removing any accumulated moss and algae and leaves a clean, as new finish. Prices for block paving cleaning unsanded are generally £2.50 to £3.50 per m2 depending on the size of the area to be cleaned.

If you require sanding afterwards this is usually around 50p per m2 extra due to the need for us to come back when the paving has dried. 


We can give discounts for larger areas and can often provide the sand for the customer to brush in themselves if required to help reduce the cost. 

Patio and Paving Cleaning

Patio, paving and concrete cleaning is cheaper than block paving cleaning as it is generally easier for us to do and requires less clearing afterwards. As a rule we can clean your patios and solid paving for around £2 per m2 depending on the nozzle we have to use.

If a patio is badly covered in Lichen (little black dots) we can often clean this to as new condition however it is very time consuming due to having to use a very fine 15 degree spray and as such may cost slightly more to get a thorough job.


Discounts can be given for larger areas or as part of other work.

Business and Commercial Cleaning

Prices are as above although we do appreciate that business areas (outdoor seating at a bar for example) are generaly larger than residential areas. We can discount for larger areas often found at commercial premises.


For more complicated, harder to measure Jobs we can also offer a commercial day rate from £300 per day which includes equipment and an operative.


For popular areas that require constant cleaning (restaurant patio areas, shop entrances etc) we can offer an initial deep clean followed by regular "freshen up" cleans (monthly for example) at a much reduced maintenance rate.

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