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Residential Drive and Patio Cleaning

Most driveways that we are asked to clean are block paved (although we do all types). These are usually dirty and covered in moss and lichen between the joints. Many of our competitors will use a rotary washer (it looks like a big round disc) when cleaning this type of paving . We as a rule prefer to use a Turbo nozzle and a hand lance. Our method gives a much deeper, more thorough clean and despite it taking a lot longer for us to do, the results are always better and will last longer.


Our diesel pressure washers run at 3600psi pressure (250 bar) . This combined with our unique turbo and cleaning attachments means there is very little that we cannot blast away!

Our experience combined with a great attention to detail means that we really can transform your property and leave it looking shiny and new again.

We do everything for you, even down to moving benches, plant pots etc.


Rates are competitive and are charged at between £2-4 per m2 with prices starting at only £75.


  • We wont make a mess. The owner of Cambridge Jetwash always checks every job personally, he has a great attention to detail. One thing we often hear about other companies is "the floors were ok but the walls and windows of the house were left covered in dirt". You wont hear that complaint about us!


  • We wont upset your neighbours. We always rinse any splashes from your neighbours property as part of our final inspection.


  • We wont leave stripes. We use heavy duty industrial diesel pressure washers combined with a turbo attachment. It makes the type of pressure washers that you can buy at DIY stores etc look like toys! We sometimes hear "I dont need you, I have a pressure washer in the garage" us, its not the same!

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